What you have to know about CBD market

New in Europe, without major checks from the authorities, customers are at the mercy of the follies of certain producers, intermediaries or resellers of flowers and derivatives, far from natural virtues!

Many people wonder about the sincerity of commercial players who, nowadays, grow faster than plants. We are going to answer a few questions from our community.

Where does the CBD I use come from? What is a native plant? Are the plants sold in Europe all native? Are 0.2% thc and 15% CBD fair rates? Are CBD hashes much stronger than flowers? How do you know who is saying right, who is saying wrong?

For monetary interest and to gain some market share, many sellers go through lies without paying attention to the dangers of consuming these CBD products, sometimes manipulated, faked, just as much as the products found in street deals, from of the parallel market.

The growth of CBD plants in Europe should be less than 0.2% THC. These so-called native plants, from the European catalog, are therefore supposed to be naturally less than 0.2%. However, very few European producers manage to produce a quality flower in the interest of reselling it in stores. These genetics, well known to hemp plants, yield more fibers and seeds than their flowers, which are cherished by many consumers.

In order to find flowers with a beautiful appearance and good scent, all resellers market non-native flowers. They mainly undergo treatment with Co2 or Butane in order to enter into the European framework.

The CBD flowers consumed in Europe therefore come from Italy, the United States, Switzerland and Uruguay.

Price and quality level, no one does magic. In our humble opinion:

Italy offers inexpensive products of mixed quality, often above European legal rates. (the legal THC rate in Italy is 0.5%).
The United States is involved in mass production treated with butane to obtain on the one hand flowers with 0.2% THC considered until then as waste and on the other hand the legal BHO in certain states.
In terms of quality, Switzerland offers many CBD flowers treated with supercritical Co2. (see below*)

  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2SC) extraction is a process that adheres to the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry. The goal is to select the active ingredients of the plant that you want to extract by varying the pressure and temperature in the extraction circuit. Through these physicochemical properties, supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2SC) helps maintain the purity of the extraction.
    It is easily separated from the final extraction by simply reducing the pressure in the extraction circuit. Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been used since the late 1970s in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to extract certain molecules from plants.

Once washed, washed and cleaned, (the action allowing to arrive at 0.2% of THC), the CBD flower is then poor in THC but also and proportionally in CBD, CBG and CBN. When you see a flower indicating CBD levels above 8% (which is already rare) you can be sure that:

This is a simple lie from the seller who wants to blow your mind
This is a simple lie from the wholesaler to the seller.
In either case, if these are backed up by analysis, it is very easy to demonstrate how they can achieve these rates. Here are a few examples:

  • A little wipe up or photoshop, accessible to everyone, and figures modified on paper or screen. This lie, which is harmless to your health, is much more so when it comes to falsifying official laboratory documents and thus falls under criminal law. In this specific case, you are the victim of deception. (contact the laboratory for the original rates).
    The flower does not match the analysis provided. To limit the costs of analyzes, which are high, some players prefer to rely on the trust of their supplier.
  • Another less dangerous but deceptive solution: all the CBD supplier has to do is vaporize their cannabis flowers with a soluble solution enriched with cannabidiol or simply with pure CBD isolate powder at 0.99%. This technique will increase the level of CBD which will be found during laboratory analysis. Do not dream, you will receive, as a customer, flowers without additional vaporization and therefore, without the promised rate of CBD; another great scam!
  • The last solution, which is also the most dangerous, is when you receive flowers that have gone through this process! This is very dangerous for your health in terms of CBD, be careful with your lungs because pure crystal is expensive (just as much as flowers). Very often, unscrupulous and very profitable solutions come from the synthetic market from China, so-called toxic solutions without any combustion virtues.
    The 1: 100 ratio does not exist. And yes, a lot of actors are in the best interests of selling to the point of making you believe in their benevolence despite the facts that nature offers, they will always have something new that others do not have and they will make you believe in the impossible.

Currently, flowers tend towards a 2/4% CBD in the vast majority. There are one or two pheno which reach 5-6% and only one kindly reach 7-8% but little cultivates it, little buys it because it is expensive.

Don’t be fooled, if a store carries more than one flower at 7-8%, they are dishonest. If most of the flowers they sell are above 6%, that’s not being honest.

Know that a beautiful flower between 3-5% for a legal EU ratio is fine, it is the rate war between traders that has ridden this stupid race to the “top rate” completely unnecessary.

In Switzerland, where THC is less than 1%, only V1 slightly exceeds 20% but most flowers are between 13 and 18% CBD.

To answer the last question about the power of CBD Hash, do not believe that the trichome concentrate will multiply the rates contained in the flower by 5.

In our experience, the most potent CBD hash we have extracted contains 0.99% THC for 28.87% CBD. This hash is still available, it is a Swiss greenhouse biomass extraction, naturally bred V1 genetics. (Don’t hesitate to ask us for the analysis). It is a 100% natural hash with no added Crud, glycerin or other texture agents.

Finally, always ask for an analysis and call the laboratory to find out if it is genuine, and if you can, do a counter analysis as a dealer. The CBD market attracts the envy of people who are neither producers nor consumers but simply online SEO clever people who face all markets.