«The famous swiss ingot,
irreproachable in its quality and traceability.»


Goldbar420 is a swiss company that selects and molds, in the form of an ingot, the best CBD production in the world. on the European side according to the laws enforced.

  • France >0,2%
  • Europe >0,3%
  • Italy >0,5%
  • Switzerland >1%

Then in some country where the THC is allowed over 1%, we sell our lingotière with the logo of the producers who form and produce quality ingots. (Sales only in those country by our collaborators)

In collaboration with the most gifted producers on the market, we benefit from exclusivities in order to form and share the exception of a limited series harvest.

The Goldbar420 brand is defined by its packaging in the form of ingots.

Each ingot is exclusive and unique, wrapped in 24 karat gold leaf.

Are we traffickants ?

No, we do not handle or resell illegal products. We sell moulds used to box ingots, use the mold of our customers, we carry out reports without turning a blind eye and seek to refer knowledge without being outlaws.

We have clients who have a legal status in the production and resale of cannabis, we carry out reports on the use of our mussels but we do not handle or contribute to the resale of their ingots.

We only sell a mould that is also used to make chocolate as you can see soon.

We do not seek to promote the illegal market, simply to inform and share.



A traceability system that ensures the origin and delivery of ingots.

Cultivation, harvesting, drying and artisanal and manual refining methods, concerned with the plant and respecting its integrity and intrinsic qualities as best as possible, avoiding the use of growth products, insecticides or even aggressive chemical fungicides.

Cbd hashes without additives (terpens or other enhancers in particular).

Products and production methods that meet all of the legal and regulatory requirements in force.

  • After that of the National, the State Public Health Commission has broadly agreed to regulate the cannabis market.
    The way is clear: parliamentarians can now prepare the law that will “lift the ban on cannabis and completely review the regulations relating to its cultivation, production, trade and consumption”. The Public Health Commission of the Council of States voted 9 votes in favor and 2 against in favor of the parliamentary initiative which aims to regulate the market, a few months after a (tighter) vote by the same National Commission. “Dry up the black market” • The Commission of States therefore wants to deal with the problem as a whole.
    A 24-year-old British man has been sentenced to life an eye-watering 25 years in prison after Dubai police caught him in possession of CBD oil. Billy Hood, a semi-professional footballer and coach from Kensington claimed the 4 small bottles of CBD oil were left in his car by departing friend who he had taken to the airport.  “I had just moved to a new home in Dubai and a friend of mine came around to see my new place.
  • What you have to know about CBD market
    New in Europe, without major checks from the authorities, customers are at the mercy of the follies of certain producers, intermediaries or resellers of flowers and derivatives, far from natural virtues!