OG.GB420 24K

Only our ingot molds can make OG.GB420 24k ingots.

They are marketed in two ways.

The ones you find here for sale are made and marketed by Goldbar420.

Others result from the fact that we market our ingot molds to international producers. These are entitled to box and sell ingots under their entity and their responsibility.

The ingots always have a place of origin, the effigy of the producer and a production number ensuring traceability.

We produce video reports all over the world, on the use of ingot molds by our customers, seeking to enhance their products through the quality of our formwork.

Currently in production:

100 grams of exception under a 24 carat gold leaf.

Hash V1 produced in Switzerland

0.89% THC | 0.14% CBD

Among so many other hash, it stands out and seduces by its quality, expressed by the generosity of its aromas, its sticky texture and its unique packaging.

Note: Due to high demand, delivery may take 6 weeks